H&M's Unworn Clothes Are Being Used for Energy at a Power Plant

Instead of coal.
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In Sweden just north of Stockholm, the Vasteras Plant operated by Malarenergi is burning clothing as a part of an environmental initiative. Malarenergi has a deal to burn unworn clothing from fast fashion purveyor trash from H&M. Although burning garbage is not emission free, it will replace the extremely detrimental use of traditional coal.

In hopes to become a fossil fuel-free facility by 2020, the power station recently received its final fossil-fuel generators sourced from out of service coal ships. With Sweden priding itself with being sustainable, the partnership between H&M and Vasteras Plant to use garbage as an alternative to finite resources is the latest in the country’s move towards becoming emission free.

Let us know what you think about H&M’s latest sustainable fashion initiative below. Also, The Weeknd and H&M recently teamed up for its second 18-piece streetwear-inspired collection.

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