#22: Stadium Goods Is Innovating Modern Retail

The entrepreneurs explain the art and hustle of the flip.
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This week on HYPEBEAST Radio, we caught up with Stadium Goods cofounder John McPheters and CMO Yu-Ming Wu on the eve of the resale retail outlet’s 2-year anniversary to catch up. The entrepreneurs share stories from Stadium Goods’ early days as a brick-and-mortar presence in SoHo—acknowledging both booming opening and slumping second-day sales. ”You have to try a lot of things that are gonna be risky,” maintains McPheters: “some are gonna be failures, some are gonna be wins.”

But the hustler’s mentality of the reseller is strong with these two. For McPheters, every day is a grind: “everyday is a challenge to get more people in the store; how do you get more people on the site; how do you get your name out and present it the right way to a bunch of different people?” According to John, hustle is a cocktail of “fear, anxiety and motivation.” McPheters and Yu-Ming both acknowledge that learning from past failures and knowing the true meaning of a dollar is crucial to their come-up.

“If you want to really grow something, you gotta start somewhere,” says cofounder Yu-Ming Wu. Resellers, according to Wu, are “learning how to run a business on a very small scale.” This same skillset applies across the board: “There’s people who invest in stocks and there’s people who invest in streetwear and sneakers.”

Click above to hear the two entrepreneurs speak on their origins in the resale and start-up communities, the impact of Supreme taking on investors, and how they learned the value of taking their Ls.

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