IKEA and HAY Announce Collaborative Collection With Surreal Teaser

An abstract vision of Scandinavian minimalism.

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IKEA is teaming up with Danish furniture designers HAY for a collaborative collection of home goods, and the pair have formalized the announcement with a surreal teaser video, seen above. According to creative director Nikolaj Fremming, the striking, abstract visuals eschew any actual product placements; instead, the clip showcases the materials and spaces that the companies will use in the upcoming YPPERLIG collection (note: “ypperlig” is Swedish for “good, excellent”). The capsule is sure to marry both companies’ classically Scandinavian minimalist aesthetics of high quality and clean lines with overall affordability and practicality.

These collaborations are slated to release in August of 2017. You can learn more about IKEA’s upcoming collaborations here.