Things Go Awry in North Korea With Gorillaz's 'The Book of Russel'

As a follow up to ‘The Book of Noodle.’

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As a follow-up to The Book of Noodle this past Monday, the Gorillaz recently unveiled a new story spotlighting the virtual band’s drummer aptly dubbed The Book of Russel. The multimedia campaign aims to provide backstories of each band member—describing each of their profound experiences since Plastic Beach. The latest narrative starts with Russel swimming to Plastic Beach. After eating contaminated shrimp, the drummer ends up growing 60 times his size. A pirate attack follows, separating him and bassist Murdoc Niccals with Russel fleeing the island with Noodle. He ends up in North Korea where the government places him inside a glass case in the middle of Pyongyang for everyone’s cynical amusement.

Read the entire story below and stay tuned for details on the band’s alleged, forthcoming album.