Daniel Arsham to Release an Apparel Collaboration With Boston's All Too Human

And the ‘Future Relic’ artist’s latest sculpture is being installed permanently in the concept boutique.

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Earlier this summer, luxury concept boutique All Too Human opened its doors in Boston and now the Back Bay-based spot — which stocks everything from Alyx and Dries Van Noten to J.W. Anderson and Proenza Schouler — is unveiling a team-up with its most noteworthy collaborator to date: Daniel Arsham. The endeavor comes hot on the heels of the New York-based artist’s “Circa 2345” exhibition at Galerie Perrotin and is highlighted by a brand new sculpture: Arsham’s Future Relic take on the old Boston Celtics warm-up jacket. Like the “Circa 2345” pieces, Arsham’s piece for All Too Human depicts the jacket as a calcified ancient artifact and comes in deep grey to match the shop’s decor. Said Arsham of the piece:

Jessica Knez, the founder of All Too Human, is very fond of the arts as well as my personal work. I am particularly excited about this project as it is the first opportunity to expose my work publicly to audiences in Boston… The Celtics jacket follows a number of other works that I have created which use geological materials to reform objects from our present. For each exhibition that I’ve done that create a kind of fictional archeology, I’ve tried to center them on a particular subject matter of things that are often very iconic… that we all sort of recognize and have some sort understanding or relationship with.

And the Celtics sculpture is only the tip of the Arsham x All Too Human iceberg. The two are also teaming up on an exclusive limited-edition line of clothing inspired by Arsham’s interest in archaeology. “One piece, a very simple piece that we all sort of wear in the studio already, makes the wearer part of my archelogy team,” said Arsham. “Without giving too much away, the limited-edition apparel project will also utilize some of the concepts that I’ve been developing in my art practice.”

While details of the collection are still mostly under wraps, Arsham’s Celtics jacket will be unveiled at a special cocktail party later tonight and will live in the boutique permanently.

All Too Human
236 Clarendon Street
Boston, MA 02116
United States