Action-Packed X-Men Fan Film Shows Cable as the Main Hero

With cameos from other fan favorites.
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Cable aka Nathan Summers is one of those heroes from the X-Men universe we still haven’t seen appear on the big screen. For true Marvel fanatics, Cable is a pretty important figure in the comic book’s timeline – he first appeared in a New Mutants issue and eventually became the leader of the X-Force. Now, the metal-armed marksman gets the fan-film treatment, maybe as a possible campaign to let the movie studios know that he deserves an appearance in the big budget titles.

Cable: Chronicles of Hope as it’s titled is inspired by the 2010 Marvel Comics crossover “X-Men: Second Coming.” It is produced by K&K Productions with the plot of the film centering around Cable and Hope Summers. There’s some action-packed sequences in this short and we also get treated with appearances of other heroes like Nightcrawler, Bishop and Blackbird. There’s quite a cliffhanger in the end too, which should lead us to believe that another is in the works. Watch the video above and let us know your thoughts for another installment of this series.

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