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Drake High School Graduation Speech

A few days back, Drake celebrated his graduation from high school. Before his rap career took off,

A few days back, Drake celebrated his graduation from high school. Before his rap career took off, Drizzy dropped out of high school. After months of focusing on the books, Drake has received his diploma. A video of his accompanying graduation speech from Jarvis C.I. in Toronto has now found its way to the digital sphere. Quite an inspiring tone is employed by Aubrey Graham here. Read a sample of of his address to the graduating class below:

“It’s not about the popular kids, it’s not about the kids that don’t feel as popular, because all that changes in life. And I promise you, I’m 26 years old, it changes. What this is about today, for all of you, is about the art of following through. …
“I reached a point in my life where I realized that there aren’t material things that can give me the excitement that I’m looking for. There’s a void, there’s a gap in my life that I need to fill and I needed to sit and think long and hard what that was. And it was the fact that I had left a gaping hole in my story of following through. So for five months, we talked back and forth on emails, we worked, we wrote papers, I studied for an exam, we figured out how I didn’t close my chapter of following through.
“Sometimes it’s about going there, not getting there. Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination. And sometimes when you get there, you’ll look back and you’ll realize that you wish you could go there again because all of the experiences you went through are the reason that you are who you are today.”

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