Designer/Graphic Designer
Nationality: Japanese / Age: 44 / Discipline: Fashion/Graphic Design
Japan has long since been a place of inspirational streetwear, acting as a hub of global youth culture and trends. Today, C.E – short for Cav Empt, likely a shorthand representation of a Latin phrase meaning “Let the Buyer Beware” – is a frontrunner of the Japanese scene through its projections of novel and street-minded apparel. Although the secretive Sk8thing has designed for nearly every significant name on the bill of Japanese streetwear including HUMAN MADE, BAPE and BOUNTY HUNTER, it was not until 2011 that he stepped into the limelight by partnering with Hishi and Toby Feltwell in giving life to a brand worth watching amongst a new lineage of entities in Japanese streetwear. C.E has presented their take on pseudo-futuristic urban wear through 2013, with nods to the eras the respective founders grew up in.