Rob Garcia

Founder of En Noir
Nationality: American / Age: 30 / Discipline: Fashion
En Noir and founder Rob Garcia juxtaposes streetwear with high fashion, and based on the strength of luxury streetwear in 2013 made a significant impact. A critical proponent in what could be described as a paradigm shift within streetwear, the New York-based brand has gained first-mover status within the bounds of forthcoming movements in street culture. En Noir has leveraged a heavy use of leather and apposite sense of craftsmanship to great effect, standing out through details is something the label does well. With the focus on made-to-order pieces transitioning towards a full collection and runway presentation, En Noir’s leather sweatpants, shorts and tops making a statement throughout the year. Later in 2013 Garcia paired with Jay Z and Barneys for a creative collaboration as part of the “A New York Holiday” capsule.