Nabil Elderkin

Nationality: American / Age: 32 / Discipline: Videography
Originally from Australia, Nabil Elderkin’s rolodex of celebrity clients extends from Bon Iver to Coca-Cola, with names such as Rolling Stone, Heidi Klum, Rizzoli and Nike along the way. While the photographer’s name initially surfaced after Nabil was chosen for Kanye West’s first-ever publicity shots (in exchange for giving up, a domain he owned), he has gone on to provide photo and video work for a long list of celebrated recording artists. Noted for his striking cinematic style, Elderkin devises surreal imagery that effortlessly dodge cliché, on top of involving himself from concept to execution of the final steps. In 2013, the multitalented director/photographer Elderkin worked comfortably behind the lens in partnership with Daft Punk, Frank Ocean, Baauer and Iggy Azalea.