Jonathan Ive

Senior Vice President of Design at Apple
Nationality: British / Age: 46 / Discipline: Technology/Design
Apple’s head product designer Jonathan Ive can claim bragging rights over pervasively popular design that has won over millions of consumers across the globe. Externalizing Apple’s defining attributes as something beautiful yet functional, Ive has not only kept up momentum for the Cupertino-based camp but also effectively triggered awareness for design in a broader sense. 2013 ushered in the seventh installment in Apple’s mobile operating system, coinciding with Ive taking the reigns of not only hardware industrial design but now software as well, in a move away from the skeuomorphic approach of Apple’s previous iOS. Apple and the accomplished designer rolled out another lineup of well-received consumer electronics throughout the year, most memorably the revolutionary-looking Mac Pro; a professional top-of-the-line desktop. Other personal design accolades include the charity sale of a Leica (RED) M camera that fetched $1.8 million USD at the auctions.