Jasper Wong

Founder of POW! WOW!
Nationality: American / Age: 32 / Discipline: Art
Now on its sixth year, POW! WOW! shows no sign of slowing down. Every year on Valentine’s Day weekend, the art world descends upon Honolulu, Hawaii for a week-long art and music initiative founded by Jasper Wong. The initiative brings together international and local artists under Jasper’s lead, all taking to the walls of Kakaako to flaunt their creativity. This year, POW! WOW! made its debut in Taipei, extending its foray into the second Asian city after Hong Kong, where the festival was founded. Outside of POW! WOW!, Jasper’s artistic endeavors are seen via compelling paintings that fuse Asian pop influences with street art sensibilities. Applying his curation abilities onto the facet of fashion, Jasper teamed up with his partner, Amy Wong to launch Big Bad Wolf this year -- a label that releases artist series tees for kids in limited quantities