Heron Preston

Founder of Been Trill
Nationality: American / Age: 30 / Discipline: Fashion/Music
To say the least, the Been Trill movement initiated by Heron Preston kept up its assault on the streetwear scene in 2013. Generating substantial levels of hype while maintaining that ‘Been Trill is for the youth,’ this new interpretation of subcultures appears impervious to and unaffected by prevailing trends. Signaling the arrival of a self-governing aesthetic that fails to abide by a standard system of praxis, many seem to dismiss Been Trill as conceived in poor taste, however the themes and messages contained within the brand truly represent streetwear in one of its purest forms. Been Trill has brought us several sought-after drops including one alongside 40 oz. and another alongside Toronto-based retailer Nomad, while keeping up with selective DJ sets and their In The Field series of mixtapes.