XLarge | X-Girl x Reebok Pump Fury

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The brother/sister combo of XLarge and X-Girl are releasing a two-pack of sneakers created in conjunction with Reebok. One of the brand’s most popular models, the Pump Fury for both sides embody the same stylings with bright colors seen ove...

Beautiful Losers x XLarge T-shirt

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The creation of the movie Beautiful Losers offered a visual representation of the early 90′s creative movement that began in New York. Combining the elements of DIY from skate, surf, punk, hip-hop and graffiti, they became known for their o...

XLarge x Kuumba International Incense

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XLarge is one of the many brands that has worked together with quality incense makers, Kuumba International. The latest lifestyle item from XL is incenses, utilizing the “A Tribe Called Quest” inspired “XLarge Tribe” desig...

Swank x X-Hustle T-shirt

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Brought together by a love of fixed gears, the X-Hustle collection is a union between OG label XLarge and fixed gear collective Wolfpack Hustle. Together they’ve teamed up with LA artist Swank to produce a midnight-themed graphic t-shirt wi...

Disney x XLarge T-shirt

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We’ve seen Disney try incessantly to try and appeal to a certain fashion demographic in recent memory. From their BLOC28 collection, to numerous team-ups with popular fashion brands we’re still on the fence as to what extent the influ...

XLarge Vinyl Poncho

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With the rainy season upon the tropical parts of the world, you can keep yourself dry and in style with this new XLarge Vinyl Poncho. The poncho is lightweight and water proof and comes in three colorways, camo, yellow and purple. The poncho is n...

The Hundreds x XLarge Pack

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LA scene natives The Hundreds and XLarge have come together to release a pack consisting of a collaboration with G-Shock, New-Era, and a set of t-shirts. The DW-6900 will feature yellow accents and will be branded with both a The Hundreds and XLa...

XLarge 2008 Summer Collection

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XLarge Japan has fashioned an extensive photo shoot featuring their 2008 summer collection. With their primate theme inspired largely in part by workwear label Ben Davis, this concept has reached new heights in their 2008 summer collection as a p...

XLarge x BKRW “OG Noir” Tee

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Here’s the latest collaboration for the 1st year anniversary of the magazine/store BKRW (Black Rainbow). This time, they have teamed up with XLarge to create this “OG Noir” t-shirt which utilizes the original XLarge Ape logo but...

XLarge 2008 Summer Collection

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XLarge’s second collection of summer gear is dropping early next month. A small preview includes a logo New Era (partly inspired by China?), a multiple colored stripes set of shirts and two styles of plastic frames, each available in differ...

XLarge Japan Spring ’08 Lookbook

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The Japanese chapter of streetwear OG’s XLarge has updates its site with pictures from its Spring ’08 photoshoot. Lots of color and a California feel as expected. From what we can see on the website, the line consist of light-weight fla...

XLarge Archives

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XLarge Japan has just launched an extensive archival site that documents the storied brands history through graphics, images and movies. Many pieces of information can be seen originating from as early as 1991. The site can be viewed here.

XLarge 2008 Spring/Summer Collection

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Back in the days where there was no coined term for what this “culture” all represents, XLarge was around doing their thing as creators of intelligent and witty commentary via t-shirts. As part of a select few that has weathered that...

lay-z-boy x XLarge 5th Anniversary T-shirt

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To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Japanese retailer lay-z-boy, XLarge has created special make-ups of their original logo tee. The detailed print includes subtle details on a tight print. The tee is available in three different colorways.

X-Hustle Cap and Bar Pad

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Biking collective Wolfpack Hustle has extended their X-Hustle collection further with these upcoming products. X-Hustle is a collaborative effort with XLarge to create functional cycling related products as seen with their cap and bar pad. Availa...