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The Videographers Guide Ep. 2 – The Recap Video

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There are some events that even the most well-composed sentences are unable to convey to an audience. The next installment in The Videographers Guide series breaks down the importance of the artistic presence in the making of recap videos. The discus...

The Videographers Guide Ep. 2 Teaser – The Recap Video

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We’ve previously brought to you episode 1 to The Videographer Guide, a web series bringing together an accolade of young filmmakers and their endeavors in the realm of creating a music video. For episode 2, we delve into the sector of recap vid...

The Videographers Guide Ep. 1 – The Music Video

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The Videographers Guide is a web series documenting young filmmakers as they produce short videos for the web in a variety of genres. In this inaugural episode, the topic of music videos and their place in our rapidly-changing new media landscape is...

The Videographers Guide – Episode 1 Teaser

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For our latest HBTV venture, we at HYPEBEAST are set to introduce a new series entitled The Videographers Guide. Presented by New Pop Media, episode 1 – dubbed “The Music Video” – will explore the changes in the music industry...

Cinema Quality Video A Bit Easier On the Wallet With the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

TechComments ⋅ 21569 Views
The digital filmmaking world gets yet another entrant to its playing field. Blackmagic Designs delivers the Blackmagic, a handheld digital cinematic camera stuffed with some innovative technologies and impressive specs. Catering to creatives on a bud...