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Vans Presents Pass the Bucket Season 2 with Jeff Ament

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The latest installment to the Vans TV series Pass the Bucket Season 2 arrives with bassist and Pearl Jam co-founder Jeff Ament front and center. Having spent his early life growing up in rural Montana, Ament developed an affinity for skateboarding as...

Vans Presents Pass the Bucket Season 2 with Danny Simmons

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With the rapid decline of art programs being offered in inner city public schools, New York native and visual artist Danny Simmons stepped up to help fill that rapidly widening void. In this installment of Pass the Bucket from Vans Off the Wall, we g...

Actor and Ex-Black Flag Singer Henry Rollins Tackles Social Injustice

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Well into its second season, Vans’ Off the Wall TV presents its third episode of Pass the Bucket, this week featuring Henry Rollins of Black Flag fame. Rollins is less about rock ‘n’ roll these days, instead using a more traditional...

Vans Presents Pass the Bucket Season 2 with Devon Blood

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Devon Blood is a Bay Area tattooer, artist and skateboarder. In 2006, at the age of 26, he was the victim of a near-fatal gunshot wound to the head. Truly lucky to be alive, when he awoke from a medically induced coma weeks later, he found that he ha...

Vans Presents Pass the Bucket Season 2 Trailer

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Presented by Vans is the latest installment to the brand’s series titled Pass the Bucket. Chronicling a range of dedicated and inspiring individuals, Vans offers a preview of what is in store for the second season. Celebrating a diverse group o...