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U-Boat U-51 Chimera Watch

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Newly created by Italian wristwatch manufacturer U-Boat comes the U-51 Chimera. The latest design to feature the company’s vehicle-inspired aesthetic, the heavy duty timepiece sports a 46mm case in either silver stainless steel, bronze or black...

U-Boat Classico Carbon Fibre Ceramic Watch

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U-Boat reappropriate the brand’s Classico model with a Carbon Fibre Ceramic version presented here. Featuring the usages of both carbon fiber and ceramics for the casing, the watch is affixed via six encapsulated hexagon screws with a back...

U-BOAT Italo Fontana Classico 1001

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Another new model emanates from the the U-BOAT Italo Fontana camp with the Classico 1001. The collection comes in three separate colorways but each features the same titanium with black IP finish with a 55mm x 18mm case. The 1001 designation is s...

U-BOAT Italo Fontana U-42 Watch

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Known for their large-scale watches, U-BOAT unveils their Italo Fontana U-42 model. The casing features titanium grade 5 and measures in at 53 mm x 18 mm (65 mm when inclusive of the crown). The crystal is comprised of sapphire with water resista...

U-Boat U-42 53mm Submersible Watch

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Much of U-Boat inspirations are derived from the world of innovative engineering ranging from racing cars and fighter planes. Last year, U-Boat had created their U-1942 watch based on a concept originally created by U-Boat founder Italo Fontana&#...

U-Boat 1001 Diver Preview

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This eye catching U-Boat 1001 Diver watch is one of the three new watches that will be presented by U-Boat at Baselworld next month. According to Professional Watches: The 1001, before its unusual features are unveiled, will be presented to the p...