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Nike – Mr. Windrunner by Todd James

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Big Game is the first of three short films by Todd “Reas” James for Nike. The first film features a Mr. Windrunner character where he shows off his super speed. Look for the other videos by Todd James to be relea...

Todd James aka REAS “Blood & Treasure” Exhibition Opening

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Commonly known as REAS, artist Todd James cut the ribbon to his latest solo exhibition Blood & Treasure last Friday with over twenty different pieces being shown to a strong showing of London’s creative sector. The theme of Blood &...

Todd James aka REAS “Blood & Treasure” Exhibition

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Artist Todd James is presenting his Blood & Treasure exhibition at the end of the month which includes over 20 new works of art and the debut of a special animated video. The exhibition is characterized by a teetering of absurdity and realism wh...

Todd James “The Friendly Skys”

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Pictures on Walls, an independent facility and website trying to support fresh artistic talent, just put a limited series of prints by Todd James on sale. Todd James is a New York-based artist who made a very controversial piece that said EAT SHI...

Nike “The Running Man” Apparel by Todd James

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Todd James aka. Reas is an artist from New York who is started out doing graffitti on NYC subway trains and eventually had his work at galleries worldwide. He has worked for Atlantic Records, Def Jam, Source magazine, Virgin records, Eminem but o...