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The Review: New Balance Minimus IONIX 3090

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For those of you that haven’t been living under a rock… you might be aware that Crossfit is the newest and most advertised sport, even though it’s been around since the early ’70s. So it’s to no surprise that New Balance, who for some time now,...

The Review: Nike Flyknit Racers

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I was recently invited by the Swoosh amongst other runners and media personalities to attend the launch and a workshop featuring Nike’s groundbreaking Flyknit collection. Since I wasn’t in attendance at the global launch in New York (*ahe...

The Review: Big Fun in the Big Town – A Document of Hip-Hop’s Past in the Late ’80s

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“You learn rap from the streets.” The response, taken from an interviewee in the hip-hop documentary, Big Fun in the Big Town, truly embodies what this 25-year-old film is all about. The year was 1986. Rock journalist and radio host Br...

The Review: Under Armour Charge RC

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I’m always on the quest to find the next best minimalist sneaker. It’s not an easy category to compete in and not every brand can do it well. After hearing Under Armour was releasing a new minimalist sneaker – the Charge RC – I needed to get my hands...

The Review: adidas adiZero f50 miCoach

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The so-called arms race in the soccer boot world began almost 15 years ago when Nike set the world ablaze with the release of its Nike Mercurial in tandem with OG Ronaldo. Since then, the so-called speed boot in soccer has exploded and arguably creat...