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A Continuous Lean Previews Its Upcoming Pop Up Flea V

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Michael Williams and his brainchild cultural discovery blog A Continuous Lean put together a sneak preview to what attendees of this year’s Pop Up Flea can expect to unearth. Hosting alongside Randy Goldberg of UrbanDaddy, Williams has curated...

The Pop Up Flea 2011 Recap

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In what’s becoming a Lower Manhattan staple, the Pop Up Flea saw its fourth incarnation this weekend. Packed to the brim with Americana aesthetes, the collaborative event conceived by Mr. Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean, and Kempt’s...

The Pop Up Flea 2011

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The Pop Up Flea 2011 marks the fourth inclination of the half pop up shop, half flea market, where select menswear items from across North America are put on display. The brainchild of Michael Williams, proprietor of A Continuous Lean, and Randy Gold...

The Pop Up Flea 2010 Recap

EventsComments ⋅ 354 Views
The Pop Up Flea made its way back to the Lower East Side this weekend for the third installment of hand selected menswear from across North America. Half flea market, half pop-up shop, the Pop Up Flea is the brainchild of Michael Williams proprie...

The Pop Up Flea 2010

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From the people that bring you A Continuous Lean, The Pop Up Flea 2010 will host its second such event starting November 19th. The event brings together a number of notable menswear brands rooted both in contemporary and vintage styles. The list...