GRIND: Tokyo Creators Wear HUMAN MADE

StyleComments ⋅ Dec 13, 2012
To help highlight some of the garments from NIGO’s latest HUMAN MADE collection, GRIND magazine has enlisted the help of some well-known names in the Japanese fashion industry. Nicknamed the “Tokyo Creators,” the group includes designers, music...

WTAPS’ TET Discusses History and Inspirations

StyleComments ⋅ Nov 30, 2012
Russian retailer Belief Moscow recently caught up with WTAPS creative Tetsu Nishiyama to discuss an array of topics. Touching on issues surrounding the origins of the brand, name and other relevant items in TET’s world, the interview is both en...


StyleComments ⋅ Sep 7, 2011
The soon-to-be-opened GIP-STORE will not only serve as the WTAPS flagship store but also home to Tetsuya Nishiyama’s recently revived first label, FORTY PERCENTS AGAINST RIGHTS (FPAR). Even though it was created before the WTAPS brand, TET has releas...

honeyee: WTAPS 2011 Fall/Winter “Way of Life” Collection

StyleComments ⋅ Aug 22, 2011
honeyee features WTAPS’s new collection editorial titled “WTAPS: Way of Life.” This first look showcases a new assortment of signature themes from WTAPS including military-inspired jackets, knits and denim as well as a Japanese lang...

Streetsnaps: Tetsu Nishiyama

StyleComments ⋅ Aug 20, 2011
Photographer: Edward Eng/Adam Daniel Location: Harajuku, Japan


ArtsComments ⋅ Nov 29, 2010
Whilst A Bathing Ape has now held several successful exhibitions, the URSUS BAPE line is yet to showcase itself in such a manner. Set to follow its mother-brand’s steps, WTAPS founder and head of the URSUS line Tetsuya Nishiyama will direct the “...

Richardson Magazine x Tetsu Nishiyama Tee

StyleComments ⋅ Oct 10, 2010
According to Slam X Hype, Richardson Magazine and Tetsu Nishiyama, better known as Tet of (W)Taps are set to embark on a collaboration. The details are still a bit shrouded, but knowing the creative and provocative backgrounds of Tet and the mag...

URSUS BAPE “Ambient” Editorial by TET

UncategorizedComments ⋅ Apr 1, 2010
URSUS BAPE continues into 2010 under the direction of respected Japanese designer Tetsu Nishiyama, better known as TET. Bringing the new seasonal collection to life, TET produces an editorial for the line, featured within BAPE’s latest Spri...

Interview with NIGO® and Tetsu Nishiyama of URSUS BAPE

UncategorizedComments ⋅ Jan 6, 2010
Dazed Digital recently had a chance to chat with a couple of this generation’s most prolific Japanese streewear designers, in NIGO® of A BATHING APE® and Tetsu Nishiyama of WTAPS fame. Joining forces last year, both developed a new line fro...

honeyee Feature: WTAPS + Supreme “Inevitable Session”

UncategorizedComments ⋅ Dec 28, 2009
As an accompaniment to the recently previewed, honeyee launch this latest feature titled WTAPS + Supreme “Inevitable Session”. The feature includes both styling shots and some more angles into the upcoming collection which releases so...

Tetsu Nishiyama & Hiroki Nakamura Lectures From Season 2 of GEISAI University

UncategorizedComments ⋅ Nov 11, 2009
GESAI University recently wrapped up its 2nd season with another waiting in the wings. The class featured lectures from WTAPS and URSUS BAPE head designer Tetsuya Nishiyama as well as visvim founder Hiroki Nakamura with appearances by

WELD 2009 Fall/Winter T-shirt Collection

UncategorizedComments ⋅ Oct 23, 2009
A further look into the latest collection of t-shirts from Japanese brand WELD are given a run-down here. With brand founder Terui Toshiyuki at the helm with Tetsuya Nishiyama of WTAPS, two collaborations are included in this collection including...

Geisai Daigaku 2nd Round Lectures

UncategorizedComments ⋅ Oct 7, 2009
Have you ever wished to gain an insight into some of the most successful minds in Japanese urban fashion? Well, Geisai Daigaku are offering exactly that. This is actually the second round of lectures, this time presented by the likes of Nishiyam...

honeyee Feature: Blackflag Style-Focus 2009 Fall/Winter

UncategorizedComments ⋅ Sep 17, 2009
honeyee in conjunction with WTAPS and Bape URSUS’s Tetsuya Nishiyama present a series of outfits revolving around Nishiyama’s multi-brand retailer, Blackflag. The looks take inspirations from various styles and incorporate some famili...

CLS Collection by Tet

UncategorizedComments ⋅ Sep 4, 2009
Designing for brands including A Bathing Ape, URSUS and his own personal brand WTAPS, Tetsuya Nishiyama has put together the designs for CLS’ latest collection. Creating his own interpreation of some of his personal developments in the past...