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“Good music is good music. There’s no Japanese music or American music.” These are the words from none other than creative maestro VERBAL. Known for his MC skills in the J-pop duo m-flo, the bold designs from his accessories line AM...

Teriyaki Boyz “Delicious Japanese” CD + DVD Pack

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The Teriyaki Boyz are back with a new CD/DVD set looking to drop soon through select music outlets. The compilation album and tour DVD will feature an appearance by several known faces including Nigo, documenting the group’s latest tour. Fo...

A Bathing Ape 2009 Bape “Point of No Return” Shark Parka

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Today was the re-release of Bape’s “Point of No Return” (PONR Shark Parka in Japan. According to SwaggerDap, the new version is made from a tracksuit material as opposed to the original which had a thermal lining. Coming in four...

Kool Keith x Ambush “Black Elvis” Ornament

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You want to talk “never-before-seen”, upon Kool Keith’s latest stopover in Tokyo, Teriyaki Boyz’ VERBAL put together this unreal “Black Elvis” Head Ornament through his brand Ambush. The 1 of 1 designed for Koo...

Teriyaki Boyz Toys

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Verbal of the Teriyaki Boyz gives us an un-boxing of his group’s latest foray into products with a new series of figures. Having seen themselves represented on various fashion mediums before, the the toys create a nice tribute to the Japane...

Exchanging Freshness for Freshness with VERBAL

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Taking a trip in the Japanese Hip-Hop scene, we catch up with Teriyaki Boyz MC Verbal and his journey into music and fashion super stardom.

A Bathing Ape Teriyaki Boyz Snow Dome

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Probably one of the most creative yet random items so far in 2009, A Bathing Ape pushes out their interpretation of your good old snow dome. Implementing their own twist of course, the display piece features the Teriyaki Boyz decked out in their...

Teriyaki Boyz feat. Kanye West – Teriya-King

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The Teriyaki Boyz drop another high tempo, club banger alongside favorite collaborator Kanye West. Entitled Teriya-King, the track features the Japanese group’s trademark hip-hop style laced with some clever raps from Mr. West. Teriyaki...

A Bathing Ape “Work That” Teriyaki Boyz Tee & CD

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To kick off the debut single from Teriyaki Boyz’s upcoming Serious Japanese album, A Bathing Ape drops a commemorative t-shirt and CD set. Already available at select flagship locations, the t-shirt features a portrait of the previously see...

Teriyaki Boyz Figures for the “Serious Japanese” Album

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Taking a look at the album cover for the latest Teriyaki Boyz album entitled “Serious Japanese”, one can assume that it was all digitally produced. Yet, we now get some looks at the design process for the shoot which actually shows th...