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VIZIO Reference Series

TechComments ⋅ 5050 Views
In stark contrast to the electronics manufacturer’s wallet-friendly HDTVs, VIZIO took to CES 2014 to unveil its own set of ultra high-definition 4K televisions. Dubbed the Reference Series, VIZIO’s collection reimagines HD viewing with di...

Samsung 105″ Curved UHD TV

TechComments ⋅ 7889 Views
Samsung recently unveiled the world’s largest and most curved UHD TV. Measuring 105 inches, the display features an 11 million pixel or 5120 x 2160 resolution with a 21:9 aspect ratio. It promises images that are two times as vivid when viewed...

Sony Shows Off Insane Detail with 4K Ultra HD

TechComments ⋅ 8947 Views
Offering four times the resolution of standard 1080p thanks to a horizontal resolution approaching 4,000 pixels, 4K “Ultra HD” – an eye-popping 3840 x 2160 – is considered the future of consumer television. Illustrating this i...

Jay Leno’s Garage – Batman’s Tumbler

EntertainmentComments ⋅ 18024 Views
In need of a worthy vehicle to protect his alter ego on the crime-ridden streets of Gotham during the first installment of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight saga, Bruce Wayne acquired a decommissioned military vehicle – called the Tumbler – f...

The LG Gallery TV is Also a Painting

TechComments ⋅ 2542 Views
Korean electronics giant LG has unveiled a brand new, cutting-edge OLED TV dubbed the LG Gallery. Aimed at art lovers and stylish tech connoisseurs, the Gallery’s main selling point is its unique appearance which is meant to mimic a framed work...