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Real Skateboards x HUF Limited Edition Decks

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HUF teams up with Real Skateboards on a set of limited edition skate decks. Only 150 were produced in each colorway, being made available at both HUF San Francisco and Los Angeles. Get yours now!

Mark Ward for Blueprint Skateboards

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After the massive success of Blueprint Skateboards’ masterpiece “Make Friends with the Colour Blue” which premiered in London’s Leicester Square last Sunday, the brand releases a new series of boards and wheels designed by...

Santa Cruz Land Shark Cruzer

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A brand synonymous with California lifestyle, Santa Cruz, holds a rich history in the world of skateboarding, backed by the iconic artwork of artist Jim Phillips and storied brand tradition. Some of the newer product from Santa Cruz includes this...

stacks 2010 Spring Skate Decks

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The skateboarding project of Michael Leon and Reese Forbes, stacks, makes its return this Spring with a series of skate decks and upcoming apparel drops. Featured are several different designs, including a “The Beetles” Reese Forbes g...

Primitive Brenda Lynn Skate Deck

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Dropped in conjunction with the brand’s 2010 Spring/Summer Collection is this new Brenda Lynn skate deck from So Cal fixture Primitive. The deck continues its recent campaign with Brenda Lynn and Shay Maria which appeared in Primitive’...

XLarge Fukuoka Renewal Limited items

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To mark its renewal opening at Fukuoka, XLarge will be releasing a set of limited items this Friday, March 19th. Joining the brand’s 2010 Spring/Summer collection, the limited release includes two graphic tees and a simple skateboard deck b...

Goods Skate Deck

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Famous Seattle skate boutique Goods has just launched a new own-brand skate deck. Featuring the store’s logo on the bottom in white over a turquoise-green background, the deck is refreshingly clean. You can pick yours up at Goods’ stores in sizes...

Muse Magazine x Terry Richardson x Art Print Skateboard Deck

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Terry Richardson recently did a photoshoot for fashion magazine MUSE as part of its Spring 2010 issue. To commeorate the occasion, a skateboard was produced with Art Print, pressed in a limited edition of 30 units. The Muse Magazine x Terry Richa...

Santa Cruz “Screaming Foot” Cruzer

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Santa Cruz presents this limited edition Cruzer featuring a new graphic by legendary artist Jim Phillips. The screaming foot is an extension of Phillips’ iconic Screaming Hand design, first seen in the 80s. Only 300 of these completes were...

HUF 2010 Spring Hard Goods

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With Spring apparel now in full swing, HUF focuses on its hard goods program, which of course caters to the San Francisco brand’s backbone, skateboarding. Both a rasta-colored deck and skate wheels produced by Spitfire are made available. E...