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Dov Charney and Rick Klotz Discuss Warriors of Radness x American Apparel Partnership – Part 1

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A month ago, Warriors of Radness made headlines following its sale to America’s quintessential basics company American Apparel. The deal garnered much response and interest from the general public as American Apparel went on the foref...

AGENDA: A Conversation With Rick Klotz

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Amidst the events at the recent 2012 AGENDA Long Beach trade show, HBTV was able to catch up with a range of designers, artists and brand builders that were in attendance. Taking a decidedly different interview approach, we focused in on broad range...

Opening Ceremony x Warriors of Radness “Beach Crew” Logo Preview Video

CultureComments ⋅ 174 Views
Warriors of Radness present a new video showing the creative process behind the brand’s logo for the upcoming Opening Ceremony x Warriors of Radness “Beach Crew” collaboration. The piece features brand founder Rick Klotz getting...

The World’s Got Problems: Rick Klotz

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Our series continues with an episode documenting Freshjive’s new direction for 2010, with commentary from the brand’s head honcho, Rick Klotz. Amongst the many topics, Rick discusses the controversial connection between Fresh...

The Hundreds: “Untitled” Interview with Rick Klotz

UncategorizedComments ⋅ 1460 Views
The often outspoken founder of the brand formerly known as Freshjive, Rick Klotz spoke with Bobby Hundreds regarding the recent de-branding of his label Freshjive. Foregoing any logos and branding starting spring 2010, Klotz discusses the reasoni...

Heavy Interview with Freshjive Founder Rick Klotz

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Rick Klotz, creator of Freshjive, recently did a short interview on He talks about how he got started in the business and some short advice on starting your own label. With his years and years of experience, he gives a very pragmatic i...