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SUPER for Carhartt WIP 2014 Spring/Summer Collection

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The flamboyant, flashy color schemes previously seen in releases like the “FULL METAL” collection this year and the “Cove” collection over the summer are notably absent in SUPER’s latest work. The Italian brand teamed up...

SUPER 2013 Fall Metropolis Collection

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SUPER is known for crafting some of the more colorful acetate frames on the market, but the brand is toning things down with its new Metropolis collection for fall. Taking cues from Fritz Lang’s 1920s classic movie as well as “crude”...

SUPER 2013 Summer “Cove” Collection

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The Italian eyewear specialists at SUPER have unveiled a surf-inspired collection of sunglasses just in time for Summer 2013. The brand tapped notable figures in the surfing world – namely Ryan Lovelace, Brandon DiPierri, Simon Murdoch and more – to...

SUPER 2012 Fall/Winter “Humanism” Collection

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Now in its fifth season, Italian boutique sunglasses label RETROSUPERFUTURE consistently innovates on classic eyewear concepts, bringing fresh ideas in pattern, texture and vibrant color to an industry seemingly content to do the opposite. New o...


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Eyewear crafters RETROSUPERFUTURE join forces for yet another collaboration with Swedish brand WeSC. The capsule collection is realized with the MOOSE, an Italian-crafted frame streamlined with a conjoined bridge. The pair is fitted with acetate...