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Porous Walker: Rest in Artistic Peace

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This unfortunate note represents the obituary of one Porous Walker. Who was Porous Walker… and what did he do? He was once here, he was once there but his final resting place is something nobody will ever know. However cryptic is this final cel...

Porous Walker “Haricots Magique: The Final Attempt” Exhibition Preview

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Napa, California based artist Porous Walker will open his latest exhibition next week titled “Haricots Magiques”. His fun and easy to understand illustrative style can be seen throughout the preview images. Shunning traditional method...

The Creative Lives: Porous Walker Interview

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Jimmy DiMarcellis (aka Porous Walker) is a Napa, CA based artist who specializes in the absurd. Jimmy’s hilarious drawings, creative sculptures and installations remind us that humor is the highest art. In this feature The Creative Lives meet up...

Porous Walker for Huf Collection

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Almost if not always, when artwork is created, the quality does not lie in its appearance but rather the message behind it. In the case of artist Porous Walker, his artwork can be considered almost elementary with an R rated twist. Something defi...