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OUYA 2013 Limited Holiday White Edition

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Having made its debut in the summer months, OUYA — an Android-powered game console designed by Yves Béhar and funded by Kickstarter — presents its 2013 Limited Holiday White Edition. With a crisp, white design at its core, the holiday edi...

The Android-Powered OUYA Game Console Gets a Release Date

EntertainmentComments ⋅ 9171 Views
Designed by Yves Béhar and funded via Kickstarter, the Android-powered OUYA game console is on its way to retail. Initially seeking a mere $950,000 USD in order for production to get underway, OUYA ultimately garnered nearly $9 million USD in pledged...

OUYA’s Kickstarter Funding Reaches Nearly $8.6 Million

EntertainmentComments ⋅ 25440 Views
OUYA’s done it! In fact, it’s outdone its goal by far. With an initial target of $950,000, which was achieved under 8 hours, the Los Angeles-based company’s Kickstarter funding project has managed to secure $8,596,475 in just 29 day...

Yves Béhar Designs $99 Ouya Hackable Android Game Console

EntertainmentComments ⋅ 15269 Views
Ouya is the name of the $99 hackable Android game console, and all its games will purportedly be free. Recruiting the talents of Yves Béhar for this work, the renowned industrial designer will be building a hackable gaming console with a high-concept...