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Neck Face “Devil’s Disciple” Opening Night Video

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OHWOW presents the opening night video of Neck Face’s most recent exhibition, Devil’s Disciple, which fittingly took place on Halloween. Certainly an interesting video which documents the aesthetic behind Neck Face’s art and lif...

Neck Face Movie Trailer by Ty Evans

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Coming off a recent exhibition opening on Halloween, Neck Face enters the spotlight once again with an upcoming movie trailer seen here. The movie trailer created by Ty Evans is very much synonymous with what you’d expect from a Neck Face-i...

Neck Face – The Devil Made Me Do It Book

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Following up on a successful opening of his latest exhibition Devil’s Disciple, Neck Face drops a new 156 pg. page book entitled The Devil Made Me Do It. The book features an introduction by KAWS and an essay by Carlo McCormick as well as p...

Neck Face “Devil’s Disciple” Exhibition and Party Recap

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The Neck Face Devil’s Disciple exhibition kicked things off this past weekend as the Halloween premiere pulled the covers off the highly anticipated show. The exhibition was a combination of abstract works alongside some more familiar and g...

Neck Face “Devil’s Disciple” Exhibition Miami

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Neck Face will turn Miami inside out for his premiere solo exhibition in the Magic City. This Halloween night, Neck Face will deconstruct all 10,000 square feet of O.H.W.O.W. and build a world like no other. Featuring a large-scale haunted house...

Neck Face Halloween “Devil’s Discipline” Haunted House Preview

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Halloween will mark the opening of Neck Face’s latest creative initiative as he will debut his “Devil’s Discipline” Haunted House. A preview as of now features a mannequin of Neck Face himself created to mimic his own deat...

Neckface – Devil’s Disciple Teaser

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As part of the newly launched O.H.W.O.W. VIDE-O-HOUSE, the recently previewed Neckface Devil’s Disciple enjoys a video teaser. Stay tuned for more regarding this upcoming project from Neckface.

Vide-O-House West Of Wynwood presents Devil’s Disciple Preview

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Aaron Bondaroff puts us on an upcoming preview of Vide-O-House West Of Wynwood’s project “Devil’s Disciple”. The artist in question features Neckface as he puts his signature styles to work. Check back for more details on...

Neckface “Return To The Womb” Exhibition

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Neckface will be opening up his latest exhibition today at the V1 Gallery in Copenhagen. Entitled Return To The Womb, the showcase looks to present the California-based artist’s usual brand of horror-infused works to his European fan base....

Neck Face x aNYthing Cap

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Well into its resurgence stages with The Downtown Don A-Ron Bondaroff returning to the brand he started, aNYthing gives us a preview of an upcoming cap created in collaboration with graffiti artist Neck Face. The black cap includes a design seen...