Mighty Healthy 2011 Summer Lookbook

StyleComments ⋅ Jun 30, 2011
New York-based “progressive” streetwear brand Mighty Health presents the lookbook for their Summer 2011 collection. Shot on a marina, some slight nautical inspiration can be glimpsed in the use of navy blue on many items as well as a...

A Conversation with Ray Mate

EditorialComments ⋅ May 27, 2011
Ray Mate is the Co-Founder of progressive streetwear label Mighty Healthy, originally launched in 2004. Hailing from New York City, Ray grew up in the 1980s skateboarding scene with some of today’s more recognized names, including Keith Huf...

Mighty Healthy x etnies Plus 2011 Spring Collection

StyleComments ⋅ Sep 7, 2010
Offered is a first look into the upcoming collaboration between Mighty Healthy and etnies Plus. The collection consists of two styles, including the Califas boot and Guild low top sneaker. Ray Mate breaks down the collection in his own words: ...

Mighty Healthy: A Day in the Life of Gino Iannucci Teaser

CultureComments ⋅ Jun 14, 2010
Mighty Healthy puts together this teaser for its upcoming A Day in the Life video, documenting professional skater Gino Iannucci. For now, check out the preview above and stay tuned as we’ll have the full version on hand next week. Enjoy!

Mighty Healthy 2010 Summer T-Shirts

UncategorizedComments ⋅ May 13, 2010
Mighty Healthy give us a peek into new designs for the brand’s 2010 Summer Collection. As we’ve become accustomed to seeing throughout the years, MH does a nice job of mixing colors with a wide assortment of different themes and style...

Mighty Healthy San Francisco Pop-Up Store

UncategorizedComments ⋅ May 13, 2010
New York-based Mighty Healthy has embarked on a series of pop-up shops around the United States. With an inaugural space in New York with stops in Philadelphia and Los Angles, the latest location involves San Francisco and the Black Scale store....

Mighty Healthy 2010 Summer Snap-back Caps

UncategorizedComments ⋅ Apr 26, 2010
Mighty Healthy offer a look into two new snap-back designs from the NYC brand’s Summer 2010 campaign. Both feature the same styling we’ve grown accustomed to seeing from Mighty Healthy. Look for these via finer MH dealers, along with...

Mighty Healthy presents King of Spring 2010

UncategorizedComments ⋅ Apr 19, 2010
Mighty Healthy presents this new video for the King of Spring 2010, held in Harlem, New York over the weekend. The piece was directed by Kellen Dengler. Enjoy!

Mighty Healthy 2010 Spring Tees New Releases

UncategorizedComments ⋅ Mar 25, 2010
The second batch of Mighty Healthy Spring 2010 product is now hitting store shelves. Much like the first delivery, the line continues to grow with plenty of cut-and-sew pieces complemented by the New York brand’s usual witty graphic designs...

A Mighty Day with The Mighty Healthy Crew

VideosComments ⋅ Mar 22, 2010
We experience a day in the life of the Mighty Healthy crew in our latest HBTV spot. Having recently dabbled in a pop-up shop experience at the Reed Space Annex, we follow co-founders Ray Mate and Denis Iderman through the streets of New York. From ch...

Garbstore 2010 Spring/Summer Collection

UncategorizedComments ⋅ Mar 13, 2010
Arguably one of the best in-house labels around, London retailer Garbstore and the expertise of owner In Paley has yielded an impressive collection, season after season. A look into their 2010 spring/summer collection includes a strong array of o...

Mighty Healthy Pop-Up Shop NYC

UncategorizedComments ⋅ Mar 10, 2010
New York’s Mighty Healthy recent opened the first in a series of pop-up shops for 2010. The store features a wide selection of apparel from MH, including the brand’s new cut-and-sew and denim offerings. For those in town, be sure to s...

Mighty Healthy x Starter for Supply Circuit Snap-back Caps

UncategorizedComments ⋅ Mar 8, 2010
A creative sub-division of Karmaloop.com, the premier global online fashion retailer and verge culture hub since 1999, Supply Circuit was conceived in 2009 as the gateway to special project design while partnering up with today’s most sough...

Mighty Healthy 2010 Spring New Releases

UncategorizedComments ⋅ Mar 3, 2010
The fellas at Mighty Healthy preview a selection of new highlight items from the brand’s new Spring/Summer range. The collection continues Mighty Healthy’s foray into cut-and-sew with a line that fully transitions them from a strictly...

Mighty Healthy x Good Wood NYC Pins

UncategorizedComments ⋅ Feb 10, 2010
Good Wood has been a popular fixture as of late having created a series of wood-based accessories and pendants over the last little while. Their latest partnership includes Mighty Healthy in the creation of the following wooden pin. Featuring an...