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Materials and Patterns: Chambray

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The rise of the heritage trend in the menswear industry over the past few years has been documented at length and can be seen on just about every street corner — raw denim, faded tees, camouflage and military-inspired garb have become the norm...

Materials and Patterns: Hawaiian Print

StyleComments ⋅ 11532 Views
Arguably no other pattern conjures up summer, vacations, and the good life like the Hawaiian print. Much maligned in recent decades, the tropical motif has blossomed of late on a variety of labels and in updated fits and silhouettes. From the resurge...

Materials and Patterns: Houndstooth

StyleComments ⋅ 5701 Views
From a distance, houndstooth looks very much like its woolen cousin tweed, but a closer inspection reveals a significantly different pattern and fabric with its own unique history. Unlike tweed, which has a checkered pattern that is distinctly rough...

Materials & Patterns: Camouflage

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The very principle of camouflage in the wilderness and on the fields of combat is to reduce the chances of its wearer being detected. On the streets however, wearing camo is all about making a statement by essentially maximizing one’s visibilit...

Materials & Patterns: GORE-TEX

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Few major brand names in the world can claim a guarantee that their product will unfailingly perform as advertised. But such is the confidence of W.L. Gore & Associates — a brand that is as respected and revered, as it is synonymous with absolut...

Materials & Patterns: Fair Isle

StyleComments ⋅ 6869 Views
In today’s post recessionary economy designers and consumers alike are more inclined to supply and demand garments that can procure the timeless moniker – a traditionally crafted item with authenticity and durability at the forefront of its defining...