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Liu Bolin’s Latest ‘Hiding In The City’ Photographs

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Chinese artist Liu Bolin’s artistic angle has often seen the artist blend seamlessly into the general landscape around him whether it be pre-existing art walls or even the likes of supermarkets and gun racks (seen his full selection of past exa...

Liu Bolin’s Gun Rack Performance @ Eli Klein Fine Art Gallery New York

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Liu Bolin – the man behind the camouflaging Invisible Man photo series – was in New York this past weekend promoting his latest exhibition dubbed “Mask.” On Sunday the Chinese portrait artist invited the press to come out to the Eli Klein Fine... Liu Bolin – The Invisible Man

ArtsComments ⋅ 2814 Views
Artist Liu Bolin and his ability to deceptively frame the human form as a blank canvas atop a camouflaging cityscape is nothing new. However, rarely do we get a glimpse at the man behind the artwork, at least not until decided to link with t...

Liu Bolin Teams Up with Valentino for 2013 Spring/Summer Camouflage Collection

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In what seems like a perfect mash-up of inherent sensibilities, Valentino has partnered with king of street deception Liu Bolin for a Spring/Summer 2013 Camouflage collection. Realized at an in-store event in Milan in early January, the artist create...

Liu Bolin “Hiding in the City” Exhibition @ Galerie Paris-Beijing

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As part of his ongoing “Hiding in the City” exhibition, artist Liu Bolin returns to Galerie Paris-Beijing for more stunning camouflage photos utilizing every day terrain and landscapes in order to provide but a faint silhouette of the sub...

JR & Liu Bolin Behind-the-Scenes Video

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This behind-the-scenes video from Emil Horowitz shows French artist JR being incorporated into one of his own works with a helping hand from notable Chinese mind-bender Liu Bolin. This marks a rare glimpse into Bolin’s process, in which he make...

Liu Bolin “Lost in Art” @ Eli Klein Gallery

ArtsComments ⋅ 3512 Views
Chinese portrait artist Liu Bolin’s “Lost in Art” exhibition at New York’s Eli Klein Fine Art Gallery proves the not-so-subtle point that the Big Apple’s environment is capable of swallowing up people who visit. With an...

JR x Liu Bolin @ Elizabeth & Spring NYC

ArtsComments ⋅ 5420 Views
In preparation for his upcoming show at Eli Klein Fine Art, Beijing-based artist Liu Bolin collaborated with fellow photographer JR for a piece in New York City. Located on the corner of Elizabeth and Spring Street, the mural itself comes from a phot...

Harper’s BAZAAR: Lost in Fashion Editorial by Liu Bolin

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Contemporary Chinese artist Liu Bolin has collaborated with Harper’s BAZAAR on a new editorial titled “Lost in Fashion.” Known for typically being the subject of his own works through painting and camouflaging himself into the envir...

Liu Bolin: Hiding at Supermarket

ArtsComments ⋅ 10642 Views
Partaking in what is irrefutably not a standard art form, Beijing-based human chameleon Liu Bolin has once again disguised himself in a day-to-day setting, this time in the produce section of a supermarket. Bolin becomes practically unidentifiable am...