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The Wild Wild Web: The Chronicles of the HYPEBEAST Forums

StyleComments ⋅ Aug 12, 2014
Despite its anonymity, spam, trolling, harassment, and widespread obsession with virality and fame, the Internet can actually be a source of valuable information — particularly within the HYPEBEAST Forums. Nowadays we have the ability to connec...


ArtsComments ⋅ May 27, 2011
The idea for the work featured in Indigo came from APEX’s personal obsession with jeans and his desire to experiment with denim as a fine art surface. After some trial and error, he developed a method for stretching denim over wood panels, in pla...

Kiya Babzani: Where the Past Will Take US

EditorialComments ⋅ Mar 16, 2010
Having had a seminal influence in the growth and development of Japanese denim in North America, Kiya Babzani has seen his passion turn into his livelihood. This particular interview is far from a quick read, so shut down your MSN and close your emai...