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Daydreaming with… The Hong Kong Edition Exhibition Recap

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Following the joint interview with exhibition curators/installation artists James Lavelle and Simon Birch, Daydreaming with… makes its long awaited Hong Kong debut. The multi-media exhibition showcases more than thirty artists from around the w...

Kai and Sunny “The Flower Show” @ StolenSpace Gallery

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Having been commission by everyone from fashion and literary geniuses Alexander McQueen and David Mitchell to tech giants like Apple and Adobe, the highly acclaimed, award-winning illustration and design duo Kai and Sunny have risen to notoriety...

Daydreaming with… James Lavelle Exhibition Recap

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Last night, London’s Haunch of Venison hosted a private viewing of Mo Wax’s James Lavelle’s exhibition, Daydreaming with…. Inspired by the desire to marry music and visual art, the artwork was influenced by the music of U....

Kai and Sunny “Return To The Wild” Exhibition Recap

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Kai and Sunny are a prolific, multidisciplinary design duo, whose work appears in many arenas of art. “Return To The Wild” is the follow-up show to “What A Wonderful World”, exhibited at the StolenSpace Gallery London in J...

Kai & Sunny | “What A Wonderful World” Exhibition

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Kai & Sunny represent a prolific, multidisciplinary design duo, whose work has appeared in multitudinous arenas of art including fashion, advertising, publishing, illustration and exhibitions. Some of their best efforts stem from the duoR...