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Jen Stark “Vortextural” @ Cooper Cole

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Toronto’s Cooper Cole presents the latest solo exhibition from American artist Jen Stark. Entitled “Vortextural,” the exhibit showcases the Miami native’s signature paper-cut sculptures – designs whose cyclical, colorful...

Jen Stark “To the Power Of” Exhibition @ Martha Otero Recap

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Martha Otero Gallery recently played host to Jen Stark’s “To the Power Of” exhibition in Los Angeles. Synonymous with art of a vivid and geometrically perplexing nature, Stark has made use of wood, paper and other organic media to c...

PULSE: Jen Stark @ Show & Tell Gallery Preview

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Contemporary artist Jen Stark is gearing up for her show at PULSE Art Fair in Los Angeles in collaboration with the Toronto-based Show & Tell Gallery. Stark was born in Miami, Florida. Her work typically focuses on using hand-cut, acid-free paper...