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Mountain Dew Green Label Art Volume 3

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Green Label Art are set to drop their volume 3 collection of artist-designed aluminium Mountain Dew bottles. The roster of artists this time around include an eclectic mix of talented creatives including Pushead, Nathan Cabrera, Jeff McMillan, St...

Celeritas Exhibition @ SURU LA

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This past weekend, SURU LA launched its latest art show titled Celeritas. Unconventional canvases in the form of motorcycle related equipment such as a 2009 Suzuki Hayabusa would serve as the source of inspiration for a high-powered line-up of ar...

Jeff McMillan | “A Maintenance of Inhabitants (For Now)” Recap

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Jeff McMillan’s exhibition “A Maintenance of Inhabitants (For Now)” took place over the weekend as the show represented the artist’s first solo foray. The show represented the artist’s own interpretations of what one...

Jeff McMillan x SURU Exclusive Tees & Artwork

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Jeff McMillan’s solo art show titled, “A Maintenance of Inhabitants (for now)”, makes its debut in Los Angeles tonight at 7pm. For the opening, SURU and Jeff McMillan teamed up to produce a set of exclusive t-shirts featuring...

Jeff McMillan | “A Maintenance of Inhabitants (For Now)”

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Creating chaotic yet cohesive works of art, Jeff McMillan takes his fascinations with machines, muppets, cartoons, animals, humor and music fusing them into something that reflects his artistic identity. Presented by SURU and RVCA Clothing, Jeff&...