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Inquiring Mind: Taz Arnold

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Inquiring Mind’s latest feature involves Taz “TI$A” Arnold as the Canadian-based outfit go in-depth with the Los Angeles native. Known for both his involvement in music and fashion, the interview touches on both these aspects in...

Just Blaze x Inquiringmind 3rd Anniversary Tee

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Originally produced last July to celebrate their anniversary, Inquiringmind Magazine are now making their collabo t-shirt alongside super producer Just Blaze available to the public. The tee commemorates the magazine’s 3+ years of accomplis...

Inquiringmind – The Road Less Travelled: Bob Haro

UncategorizedComments ⋅ 1030 Views
As one seminal leaders of the BMX world, Bob Haro has had a massive impact on the sport as we know it today. His organic and un-planned rise to the top follows a dream-like story as he recounts his beginnings of his life in BMX to seeing it hit t...

Inquiringmind – Brooklyn’s Finest: Clark Kent

UncategorizedComments ⋅ 268 Views
While much of Clark Kent’s noteriety revolving around the world of sneaker culture, Clark Kent’s contributions to the world of hip-hop are something that often aren’t given the same amount of airplay. Leave it to the Canadian ho...

Inquiringmind Buyers Buyble Fall 2008

UncategorizedComments ⋅ 149 Views
Canada’s own and fellow homies Inquiringmind has released their latest Buyers Buyble for the 2008 Fall season. With an unprecedented flash feature to compliment a strong and cohesive selection of apparel, accessories and footwear. The matur...

INQMND Presents Stadium Status With Just Blaze

UncategorizedComments ⋅ 87 Views
Canadian based web magazine Inquiringmind has been in operation for 3 years now. As part of their 3rd anniversary celebratory events, INQMND will be bringing legendary producer Just Blaze to Toronto for their “Stadium Status” event on...

Inquiringmind Presents A Day in Alife

Comments ⋅ 48 Views
Among the sea of brands out there, Alife out of New York has become a domineering force. Much of this can be related back to their sense of history and authenticity. The foundations they set before the days of the internet are legitimate and defi...

Inquiring Mind 2007 Fall The Buyers Buyble

Comments ⋅ 39 Views
Inquiring Mind has just offered a heads up into some of the hottest items for Fall with the creation of The Buyers Buyble. A wide variety of brands contributed some of their hottest items giving readers a great look of what’s new.