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New York City vs. Liberty City – Side by Side Comparison

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Capturing all the hype surrounding Rock Star Games’ Grand Theft Auto IV, Matthew Johnson has compiled a detailed photoset comparing both the real life landscape of New York City vs. the pixelated fictional version of Liberty City . You̵...

COPE2 x Grand Theft Auto IV

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The real world associations in Grand Theft Auto IV keep being uncovered. While previous notes included LRG and their Dead Serious hoodie as well as Rockers NYC, the latest development features work done by big time graf artist Cope2 as he does up...

LRG Dead Serious Hoodie in Grand Theft Auto IV

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One of the most anticipated games of the year, Grand Theft Auto IV, has been out for a few days already. Since the released, players have been spotting “streetwear” on many of Liberty City’s NPC’s (non-player characters)....

Review: Rock Star Games Grand Theft Auto IV

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The long awaited Grand Theft Auto IV is finally upon us. The 4th installment to Rockstar North’s Grand Theft Auto series is already breaking records within the gaming industry having sold more pre-orders than Bungie’s Halo 3. In a sen...

Grand Theft Auto IV featuring Karl Lagerfeld

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Upon last years opening of The Simpson’s inaugural jump to the silver screen, Chanel lead-man Karl Lagerfeld was among the group of fashion designers accompanying the Simpsons in cartoon form. Fast forward to this year, the legendary designer...