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Google Chrome Textile Sculpture by Janet Echelman and Aaron Koblin

ArtsComments ⋅ 4196 Views
Aaron Koblin of the Google Creative Lab recently joined with American sculptor Janet Echelman to pay tribute to the 30th anniversary of the TED conference with a massive interactive textile art installation. Unnumbered Sparks allowed users viewing it...

Build: A Google Chrome Experiment with LEGO

TechComments ⋅ 13366 Views
As Google Chrome literally enables users to explore, innovate and play around the Internet, the good people behind it have teamed up with LEGO for a new experiment – Build. Developing on the feeling of creating with physical LEGO bricks, the program...

Check Out Google Chrome’s Cube Slam Game

TechComments ⋅ 5039 Views
Developed by Atari, Pong is notable for countless reasons, chiefly its introduction of video game technology to the masses in the 1970s. The simple tennis-esque arcade game has even been adopted by Google and is the basis for the new Google Chrome Cu...

Giorgio Moroder – Racer

MusicComments ⋅ 5949 Views
Responsible for disco anthems from the ’70s and ’80s in addition to a myriad of hit soundtracks for the likes of “Scarface” and “Midnight Express,” Giorgio Moroder’s résumé speaks for itself. While much of Mo...

Chrome Now Available for Mobile Devices

TechComments ⋅ 6670 Views
Google today has set the record straight with Chrome for Mobile. Chrome for mobile is functional for the iPad and iPhone (iOS 4.3 or later). The powerful desktop browser has arrived for mobile and users are now able to use Google’s Chrome brows...