Brick Harbor Releases New Clip featuring Gino Iannucci

StyleComments ⋅ Dec 24, 2013
In skateboarding, the name Gino Iannucci is synonymous with ‘style.’ Admired by his contemporaries, the oft-quiet Long Island native is frequently mentioned on a shortlist of truly influential skaters. While his brief part in Girl & C...

Nike SB Challenge Court: “Behind the Scenes” with Gino Iannucci and John McEnroe Trailer

StyleComments ⋅ Aug 27, 2012
Coming soon, Nike Skateboarding’s Gino Iannucci discusses what led him to adapt an ’80s tennis classic for the streets of today with the Nike SB Challenge Court. Also, John McEnroe gives his thoughts on the shoe and its place in his stori...

Mighty Healthy: A Day in the Life of Gino Iannucci Teaser

CultureComments ⋅ Jun 14, 2010
Mighty Healthy puts together this teaser for its upcoming A Day in the Life video, documenting professional skater Gino Iannucci. For now, check out the preview above and stay tuned as we’ll have the full version on hand next week. Enjoy!

Epicly Later’d – Gino Iannucci Part 1

UncategorizedComments ⋅ Sep 4, 2008
Catching up with one of the original Nike SB pro’s, Gino Iannucci, we get a glimpse of his daily life in Long Island. From heading out to the skate park to checking out his new shop location, it is a cool view into the life of one of the be...