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JULIUS x Garni 2011 Accessories Collection

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For this season, Japanese labels JULIUS and Garni have linked up again to present their latest collection of accessories. As part of the lineup, the two collaborators have come up with a selection of rings along with a necklace that reflect their aff...

SWAGGER x Garni 12th Anniversary Skull Ring

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In celebration of their 12-year anniversary, SWAGGER has teamed up with Japanese accessory label Garni to release a limited edition jewelry collection. As part of the release, they’ve designed this silver skull ring that features a distinct...

DEVILOCK x Garni Leather Billfold Wallet

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Traditionally known for its hand-carved skull rings, Garni has expanded seen more products emerge from its line in recent times. Coming together with DEVILOCK, the two create the Leather Billfold Wallet. The wallet’s exterior is marked by a...

Garni x MACKDADDY Skull Ring – Eproze Edition

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Known for their hand-sculpted skull rings, Japanese jewelry brand Garni team-up with MACKDADDY on a special skull-ring. A smoky aesthetic is seen in purple with gold logos on the side. The ring is an exclusive for Eproze and available now.

Devilock x Garni Palmboy & Skull Necklace

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As Devilock celebrates their 13th Anniversary, the popular Japanese streetwear label look to push out a stream of collaborations, including this new one alongside longtime comrades Garni. The jewelry specialists link up with Devilock on a simple...

Garni Zippo & Cigarette Holder

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Known predominately for its jewelry and most notably their Swarovski-encrusted skull rings, Garni’s latest collections have seen the brand branch out towards other offbeat accessories. Two less-often seen accessory releases from Garni inclu...

GARNI 2009 Summer Collection

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Known pre-dominately for their Swarovski-encrusted skull rings, Japanese jewelery brand GARNI shows its diversity with a number of key items. Beyond its trademark comes other items which even go away from accessories into fashion. All in all, lea...

Garni SS ’09 Deco Skull Ring

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Japanese jewelers Garni and their trademark Deco Skull ring is seen here in a number of different colors. The rings are each painstakingly hand-set with over 300 Swarovski Crystals inserted into the ring’s body. With the use of crystals, th...

Expansion x Garni Subway Ring

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Expansion and Garni team-up on this latest ring themed after the New York Subway system. The Subway ring features the use of vintage subway tokens within the setting. Four colors of the ring include black, white, gold and silver, in sizes 13 and...

Garni 2008 Summer Collection

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Almost exclusively known for their trademark skull rings, a look into Japanese metalworks brand Garni’s 2008 summer collection provides an interesting look into their diverse range of offerings. Whether it be salt & pepper shakers, to...