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FUCT x Starter Snapback Collection

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In a throwback to some releases that originally released in the brand’s infancy, FUCT present its new line of Starter snapback caps. The styles all base themselves on the traditional FUCT logo and will release in the very near future at sel...

Erik Brunetti x MEDICOM TOY LIFE FABRICK 2010 Spring/Summer Collection

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FUCT-founder Erik Brunetti presents his summer collaboration capsule involving MEDICOM TOY LIFE and their lifestyle FABRICK collection. Within the capsule are some items such as a backpack, waist/shoulder bag, tote bag, slippers, wallet and pillo...

Erik Brunetti: Behind The Doctrine

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For some time, the creative abilities of Erik Brunetti have been apparent throughout his apparel brand FUCT. Fascinated by his new project, we took the opportunity to speak with Brunetti about his directorial debut with The Doctrine.

FUCT MOVIE – “The Doctrine” Part 2 Preview

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FUCT preview the second part to their inaugural video project, “The Doctrine”. In a continuation of the debut video which can be seen here, we anticipate an ensuing blood bath which is foreshadowed in part one. Stay tuned for the rele...

FUCT SSDD 2010 Spring/Summer Collection Okayama Selvedge Denim

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This season, FUCT releases its first forays into denim with two offerings. Based on Okayama selvedge denim, details include YKK New Max metal hardware. The YKK New Max line is based on replications of vintage Scovill trims, a company subsequently...

FUCT SSDD 2010 Spring/Summer “Erebus” Collection

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EREBUS—”deep darkness or shadow”—was the son of a primordial god, Chaos and represented the personification of darkness and shadow. Erebus’s mother is Gaia, goddess of the earth. FUCT and its 2010 spring/summer “Erebus&...

FUCT SSDD 2010 Spring/Summer Collection Preview

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Fresh off a new video project, Erik Brunetti and FUCT serve up a preview into the Japan-market diffusion line, FUCT SSDD (Same Shit Different Day). The collection touches upon a military and workwear theme with distinct American undertones. The u...

FUCT MOVIE – “The Doctrine” PT. 1

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FUCT enters an interesting time for the brand as founder Erik Brunetti embarks on an all new creative venture with the unveiling of the first of a series of cinematic short films. With a strong voice and the talent evident over his graphical work...

FUCT “The Trench” T-shirt Collection

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In a re-visitation of old-school skate culture, FUCT unveils “The Trench” collection. Inspired by a drainage ditch that ran alongside the 378 freeway in Philadelphia, the spot would become an institution for both local and visiting We...

FUCT SSDD 2009 Fall/Winter T-Shirts

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FUCT add three more graphic designs to their batch of SSDD (Same Shit Different Day) t-shirt program. A bit more vibrant than prior previews, the tees follow much of the same aesthetic we’re used to seeing from the Erik Brunetti-headed labe...