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Freshjive 2010 Spring/Summer Collection

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The first delivery of Spring/Summer goods from Freshjive has now arrived, marking the new “no label” direction from the storied streetwear pioneer. As comprehensive as ever, the line mixes a healthy dose of quality cut-and-sew with it...

The World’s Got Problems: Rick Klotz

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Our series continues with an episode documenting Freshjive’s new direction for 2010, with commentary from the brand’s head honcho, Rick Klotz. Amongst the many topics, Rick discusses the controversial connection between Fresh...

Freshjive 2010 Fall Preview

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After 20 years as one of the most controversial streetwear brands, Freshjive is not only denouncing their own name and branding beginning in 2010, but is altogether abandoning many of the aspects that previously classified them as a streetwear br...

Freshjive “Hope is Fading Fast” T-Shirt

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Freshjive’s well-researched and literature-backed social commentary continue on with the upcoming release of their “Hope is Fading Fast” t-shirt. Officially set to also usher in the new “logo-less” Freshjive, the t-s...

Mick Haggerty “been here, did this.” Exhibition

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Having been one part of a collaboration earlier this year with Freshjive, Mick Haggerty. Having been a mentor and art school professor to FJ’s Rick Klotz, Haggerty has played a seminal role in the graphic design movement. The exhibition whi...

Freshjive 2009 Holiday Collection

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Freshjive offer up the last collection under the brand’s label seeing as next year will begin their non-branded campaign. As cohesive as ever, Freshjive creates a strong range of cut-and-sew, including denim, flannels, and outerwear along w...

Freshjive Black Operations T-Shirts

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Freshjive has just released a second round of t-shirt designs based on particular classified Pentagon Black Operation patches. The patches are from a recent book, “I Could Tell You but Then You Would Have to Be Destroyed by Me,” by Trevor Paglen....

Freshjive x Etnies Plus Junior

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Coming on the heels of yesterday’s interview with Bobby Hundreds regarding the debranding of Freshjive comes this last collaboration to come to light before Freshjive goes nameless in spring of 2010. Working together with Etnies Plus on the...

Freshjive RMK Signature Series Preview

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Created under the Freshjive umbrella, founder Rick Mendel Klotz (RMK) previews his new signature sub-label project, entitled RMK. According to Klotz, line reflects traditional American street style looks, taking influence from the country’s...

Freshjive “I.L.B.T” 2009 Summer Collection Video

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Having shown ample amount of tits and ass in the past, Freshjive drop their latest video for their 2009 summer collection. The I.L.B.T’s video features Jasmine Joi and video direction by Resintint. The video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.