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Phillip Annand: Me, Creativity and the Internet

FeaturesComments ⋅ 2176 Views
The name Phillip Annand may not resonate with some, but over the last few years, he’s created a remarkable following. With truly humble beginnings as a frequenter of HYPEBEAST’s forums, his story is a true representation of organic gr...

Hideki “HUE” Kimura: Japanese-Filtered Western Culture

FeaturesComments ⋅ 793 Views
Since our first introduction to the Japanese label DELUXE, we’ve been huge fans of the work created by the brand’s head designer who simply goes by the nickname “HUE”. DELUXE’s greatest ability is the brand’s redefining of...


CultureComments ⋅ 303 Views
A comprehensive feature has just been published on honeyee involving the two creative minds behind the recently seen A BATHING APE x Stussy holiday collection. An in-depth interview picks the brain of both NIGO and Stussy’s creative directo...

Neck Face: Satan’s Favorite Son

FeaturesComments ⋅ 1057 Views
Since coming onto the scene, Neck Face has provided a constant stream of unadulterated art firmly focused on death of the most graphic nature. And while his surrealist approach does take a bit of the edge off it all, nevertheless, the themes show...

Tomohiro Konno: Finding New In The Old

FeaturesComments ⋅ 465 Views
While the name Tomohiro Konno may not resonate to the same degree as some of his fellow Japanese designers and visionaries, the NEXUSVII founder has done a remarkable job in our eyes. As one of the few Japanese entities to occupy such a vast part...

Misha Hollenbach: Unraveling the Complexities of PAM

FeaturesComments ⋅ 1824 Views
A few months ago, I had the chance to meet with Misha Hollenbach of cult Australian label PAM (Perks and Mini). I’d been a fan of PAM for sometime and their outlandish and creative graphics with a well-rounded cut & sew program had lef...

Fraser Moss: Collector’s Spillover

FeaturesComments ⋅ 1541 Views
Collecting is a prevalent hobby in our culture as sometimes weird and quirky items become our affection. Sneakers, clothing, vinyl, toys, cameras, candy bars, regional McDonald’s pies, their innocent nature can sometimes involve a more mean...

KAWS: PassingThrough

FeaturesComments ⋅ 422 Views
Brian Donnelly, more commonly known as KAWS, has become one of our culture’s most storied artists and designers. From his graffiti roots and re-appropriation of art in public spaces, the New-York based creative took a slow and calculated ro...

Michael Kopelman and Andrew Bunney: Working with Basics

FeaturesComments ⋅ 1208 Views
Without any conscious effort, Dickies has made itself a mainstay of streetwear for many generations. We took the opportunity to delve deeper into the brand’s history and its recent The Hideout collaboration. Enjoy!

Marco Beghin: More Than Just Paper

FeaturesComments ⋅ 684 Views
Moleskine has become one of the most visible paper and notepad brands out there today. An opportunity to speak with Marco Beghin meant getting to the bottom of how a paper brand can co-exist and succeed in an increasingly digital world.