Airtime: Sean Parker’s Video Chat Based on Facebook Interests

TechComments ⋅ Jun 6, 2012
Fresh off his entreprenurial successes with Facebook and Spotify, Sean Parker and business partner Shaun Fanning (of Napster fame) has just announced a clever new video chat platform called Airtime, which is based on connecting users with each other...

Facebook Attempting Third Smartphone Release

TechComments ⋅ May 28, 2012
Fresh off its debut on Wall Street, it looks as though Facebook is having another go at developing its own smartphone. It would be Facebook’s third attempt at such a mobile device, as the software and social networking giant already has in thei...

Facebook Introduces New iPhone Camera App

TechComments ⋅ May 25, 2012
Despite their highly publicized and expensive purchase of iPhone camera application Instagram and its associated social network, Facebook has just introduced their own internally-developed camera app for the iPhone. In Mark Zuckerberg’s defense...

Jay-Z Launches ‘Empire’ Facebook Game

TechComments ⋅ Apr 25, 2012
In his ongoing quest to conquer every platform he sets his sights on, Jay-Z has announced his plans for a Facebook game titled Empire. According to the synopsis of the beta game, “Empire takes you on a journey from the streets of Marcy Housing...

Stussy Amsterdam “Strip for Likes” Facebook Campaign

StyleComments ⋅ Apr 16, 2012
The “Strip for Likes” Facebook campaign by Stussy Amsterdam stays online with a time-lapse show of the whole striptease, recently achieved through the numerous amounts of excited clicks.

Polls: Are You Less Interested in Instagram Now That Facebook Owns It?

TechComments ⋅ Apr 13, 2012
When early versions of Facebook were first rolled out, the pages were tagged with “a Mark Zuckerberg Production.” Although it may lack the official Zuck badge of ownership, Instagram is now officially a Mark Zuckerberg production followin...

Facebook to Buy Instagram for $1 Billion

TechComments ⋅ Apr 9, 2012
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has let it slip that the social media juggernaut has plans to purchase Instagram for a whopping $1 billion USD. Having recently expanded to the Android market, Zuckerberg confirmed the news on his personal blog, adding th...

ABC News: David Choe Interview with Barbara Walters

ArtsComments ⋅ Feb 10, 2012
After making his first media appearance on the Howard Stern radio program where he talked about several risque topics, besides his foray into being a Facebook shareholder, artist David Choe has now made his television debut following the news of his...

David Choe x Facebook HQ “Boombox” Desk

ArtsComments ⋅ Feb 4, 2012
An artist of alleged worth in excess of $200 million thanks to the recent Facebook IPO, here’s some more footage of David Choe who recently painted the new Facebook headquarters. The timelapse clip features Choe in action behind one of the cont...

David Choe to Receive $200 Million Payout from Facebook?

ArtsComments ⋅ Feb 2, 2012
News has already broke that Facebook has announced a $5 billion USD IPO, ensuring that the revolutionary company will have enough revenue to continue to expand its reaches across the internet landscape. It seems this story comes with a bit of an arti...

Facebook Announces $5 Billion IPO

TechComments ⋅ Feb 2, 2012
The time is ripe as Facebook announces a massive $5 billion USD IPO. There was little surprise as to if but rather when the most revolutionary start-up of our generation would make the leap into the public domain. The S-1 filing will as you imagine m...

David Choe Paints New Facebook Headquarters

ArtsComments ⋅ Jan 11, 2012
Street artist David Choe outfitted the new Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California, with a similar style he gave to the original HQ in 2006. Mark Zuckerberg decided to move his command center a few miles northwest of Palo Alto, California, an...