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DJ Daruma Unveils INKJET MAFIA

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No stranger to getting involved in fashion with his previous labels ROC STAR and CREPEMAN, DJ Daruma unveils his latest line of apparel, dubbed the INKJET MAFIA. Boasting an assortment of hoodies and tees, the lineup makes use of extremely high DPI i...


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Music as an art form has always shown phenomenal signs of having influence over a number of facets in life. Whether it be translated through one’s profession, lifestyle, circle of friends, or even fashion, the effects of music are apparent only...

CREPEMAN 2011 Holiday Lookbook

StyleComments ⋅ 7067 Views
From the ingenious of DJ DARUMA, the progressive party DJ who helped style the world in Roc Star, we get a look into the holiday collection for his newly formed streetwear label CREPEMAN. As mentioned last month, CREPEMAN, inspired by the lax club sc...

CREPEMAN 2011 Fall/Winter Collection Lookbook

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Club scene pioneer and ex-designer of Roc Star, DJ DARUMA has just released word of a brand new project in Tokyo. Offering graphic tees and hoodies, they serve to be a main staple of his line. As an insider of Japan’s music and street fashion i...

Marvel Maniacs Artist T-Shirt Collection

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Tokyo retailer FREAK’S STORE joins forces with the legendary Marvel Comics for a limited edition series of T-shirts. The special collaboration will involve five big names from Japan’s creative industry, including Yasumasa Yonehara, Yasushi Fujimoto,...

DJ Daruma: Darumania Short Lesson.03 ‘Bass House Night Flight’ Mixtape

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Successfully combining house, electro and hip-hop music into intense, energetic sets, Daruma has made a name for himself as a progressive party DJ. Born in California but raised in Japan, DJ Daruma mixes a wide selection of hits on his latest mix...