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Phil Stern & David Flores Exhibition @ The Phil Stern Gallery Recap

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Artist David Flores and photographer Phil Stern unveiled new works at The Phil Stern Gallery in which iconic personalities ranging from Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Frank Sinatra and James Dean were spruced up by both artists. The visual recap co...

David Flores Murals in Los Angeles

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Graffiti artist David Flores who is known for his stained glass-style portraits and embellishing other painters’ work has hit the walls of Los Angeles again. Arrested Motion shares us his newest piece from downtown LA made during the monthl...

David Flores x Purist “Bruce Lee” Tee & Lithograph

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Bay Area based Purist present its latest collaborative project done alongside premier artist David Flores. Offered are both a graphic t-shirt and signed lithograph (18″ x 24″), each featuring David Flores’ signature interpretati...

BLOC 28 at Times Square Hong Kong Exhibition

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Hong Kong’s Times Square shopping mall kicked off a series of BLOC 28 exhibitions this past Thursday. Falling under Disney’s creative umbrella, BLOC 28 sets out in combining age-old Disney favorites under both unfamiliar and contempor...

David Flores x Medicom Toy Mickey Vinyl for Disney BLOC28 Project

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Los Angeles-based artist David Flores continues his collaborations with Disney on a new Mickey VCD from Medicom Toy, fully decked out with a medley of Swarovski crystals, and according to Dave, Diamonds and Rubies. This new limited edition vinyl...

David Flores x Medicom Toy – Mickey Mouse Gray Figure

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Medicom Toy has release this new version of the Mickey Mouse Gray figure designed by artist David Flores. This limited edition figure comes in a 1/6 size and will be released only at XLarge stores for 5,040 Yen on March 1st. Source: XLarge

David Flores Ol’ Dirty Bastard & Linda Evangalista Prints

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David Flores which is known for his signature “stained glass” art style has created some new prints including one on Ol’ Dirty Bastard aka. ODB who was one of the founding members of The Wu-Tang Clan and one on Linda Evangalista...

Medicom Toys Mickey Mouse by David Flores

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A quick look at artist David Flores’ list of projects with Medicom Toys boasts an impressive array of collaborations including products such as Bearbricks and lifestyle items through Medicom’s Fabrick collection. A recent application...

Warhol by David Flores

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Artist David Flores will release his very first set of prints created to Flores’ own specifications. The Warhol print is produced on an 18in x 24 heavy duty print. Each of the 320 prints are individually signed by Flores. Available in 2008...

David Flores x Medicom Toy x XLarge Project Volume 3

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XLarge and San Francisco based artist David Flores will be releasing volume 3 of their DF Project with Medicom Toy. The spring 2007 release was a 100% Bearbrick whereas the upcoming Bearbrick will come in a 400% size designed by David Flores. Als...