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Dazed TV: Generation OS13 – The New Resistance Culture

CultureComments ⋅ 83 Views
Dazed Digital and Dazed TV together with director Michael Oswald and producer John-Paul Pryor are the driving force behind a new documentary titled Generation OS13: The New Resistance Culture. The film revolves around the zeitgeist and the basis...

Casio G-Shock GDF-100 “The Descent” Video

CultureComments ⋅ 1130 Views
To showcase the functionality of Casio G-Shock watches and most notably the GDF100, “The Descent” is hopefully an appropriate set of tests for the rugged adventure watch. Wingsuit pilots Reiner Ebert and Ludovic Woerth showcase the ab...

iSteve: The Book of Jobs

CultureComments ⋅ 212 Views
Steve Jobs in more ways then one has come to personify perseverance and influence. The up and down life of Jobs has seen him accrue both success and failure with iSteve: The Book of Jobs representing a biographical account of Jobs’ life by...

Brooklyn Boheme Trailer

CultureComments ⋅ 1842 Views
If you’ve ventured out to Fort Greene lately, you might have noticed that, like the rest of Brooklyn, it’s slowly becoming known for its clean parks, spacious renovated brownstones and new, young professional residents. This gentrifie...

Esquire: Eat Like a Man – The Only Cookbook a Man Will Ever Need

CultureComments ⋅ 1905 Views
Now that Memorial Day has passed and the grills have been shut off, a few of you might be sulking on your couches, savoring the taste of a steak that you know probably won’t come again for another year. There’s no need to fret, howeve...

Carving the Mountains

CultureComments ⋅ 570 Views
Hailing from Spain, the Longboard Girls Crew take to the mountains of Madrid on a spring afternoon bombing session. Carving down the steep open road, the crew highlights some fanciful footwork and subsequent blemishes in this spirited clip.

A Day in the Life of an Audi Driver “24 Hours of Le Mans” – Eliminating luck

CultureComments ⋅ 138 Views
In this video, Audi gives us a small taste of what it’s like to be a Formula 1 race car driver during the grueling, 24-hour sports car race known as Le Mans. With speeds up to 200 mph, the Audi team must fight to stay ahead of the pack if t...

NOWNESS: Diary of Cannes

CultureComments ⋅ 80 Views
NOWNESS presents Diary of Cannes. Skipping from morning cappuccinos with short film jury president Michel Gondry to a late-night performance on the beach by Kanye West, Diary of Cannes by directors Carlo Lavagna and Roberto de Paolis culls highli...

ACL: The Iconic Gucci Loafer

CultureComments ⋅ 1391 Views
As part of a new series entitled “Made In Italy,” A Continuous Lean gives us this behind-the-scenes look at the production of Gucci’s iconic loafer. Manufactured in a facility on the outskirts of Florence, each hand-sewn loafer...

Fully Flared, Fully Girl Service Announcement featuring Spike Jonze

CultureComments ⋅ 157 Views
In a recent “service announcement,” Spike Jonze leads the charge for his co-founded Girl skate brand as he holds an important internal meeting. Riddled with sexual references, Jonze announces Girl’s latest partnership with Lakai...