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Abraham Lincoln x The Amazing Spider-Man “Gettysburg Distress”

UncategorizedComments ⋅ Feb 17, 2009
With the massive success of America’s present-day leader Barack Obama involved in a recent issue of Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man, the presidential theme was too good to pass up for the 2009 President’s Day holiday celebrated on Feb...

2009 New York Comic Convention

UncategorizedComments ⋅ Feb 13, 2009
Comic conventions definitely provide a good time to Star Wars connoisseurs, Batman lovers, and Dragon Ball Z fanatics. This recent video takes us on a trip of the 2009 New York Comic Con, gaining a bit more insight into the show and a long stare...

Barack Obama x The Amazing Spider-Man Comic Book Release

UncategorizedComments ⋅ Jan 15, 2009
With the Obama fever soon to hit a pinnacle next week, the president to-be and his childhood love of Marvel Comics resulted in the release of a special edition of The Amazing Spider-Man for issue #583. The comics storyline features attempts by th...