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2011 Street League: The Best of Chris Cole

The compilation of Chris Cole’s efforts during the 2011 Street League is a highlight reel that would make even the biggest skateboarding detractor reconsider his/her viewpoint. With an assortment of grinds, flip tricks and monstrous 360 kickfli...

Bitchslap Magazine: A Walk and Talk with Chris Cole

Shot in Copenhagen during the European Riot Tour, Bitchslap Magazine managed to weasel a chat out of the elusive professional skater and DC rider, Chris Cole. With numerous achievements and awards to his name, he is definitely considered a household...

Battle at The Berrics 2: Chris Cole vs Paul Rodriguez

The Championship Match between Chris Cole vs Paul Rodriguez for the Battle of The Berrics 2 finally took place. Both internationally renowned skaters took on a gruesome game of SKATE. Check it out!